Montreal Is Hosting A Pokémon GO Lure Party For Sick Kids

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Montreal Is Hosting A Pokémon GO Lure Party For Sick Kids

I don't normally get sad when it comes to anything Pokémon related. But this story just got me right in the feels.

Last weeksomeone in Toronto had a great idea to brighten up some sick children's day.

The idea was to encourage people to drop as many Pokémon go lures as possible near children's hospitals so that the kids would have plenty of Pokémon to catch. These are known as Lure Parties.

We thought that was just about the sweetest and most adorable thing ever, so we contacted the MUHC to ask if it was okay to encourage people to do the same thing in Montreal.

Only we were caught off guard.

The Hospital told us they did not want the sick children to play Pokémon.

Now before you get all up in arms, understand that the MUHC is not an evil corporation hell bent of stopping sick children from playing Pokémon. They have their reasons.

"Dropping lures around the hospital may result in great frustration amongst our patients since many of them are very ill and/or cannot leave their rooms"

"The majority of our patients are infants, extremely ill and unable to leave their rooms, or require planning and medical assistance to leave their room. For those who are less ill they tend to have a short stay in the hospital and are more likely to play a game like Pokémon Go at home."

Basically they just aren't equipped to help the bed ridden children get out to catch Pokémon which might cause more tears than smiles.

Instead they recommended this:

"Dropping "lures" might be more appropriate for a pediatric rehabilitation Centre or a primary/secondary care facility."


I spoke to a Saint-Justine Employee who recommended the Marie Enfant Rehabilitation Centre as well as the Ronald McDonald House.

Marie Enfant provides highly specialized services for newborns, children and teenagers who have motor or speech disabilities, and the Ronald McDonald House is a home away from home for families of children with critical illnesses.

Dropping you lures near these places will go a long way to put a smile on a sick child's face.

We contacted the organizers of the Montreal Pokémon GO World Record group, since they have the biggest audience, and they created:

-The Pokémon GO Lure Party For Sick Kids In Montreal

And remember there is plenty more you can do to help sick children at the MUHC.

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