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Montreal Is Hosting A "Poutine Party" On Saint-Laurent Street At The End Of November

Interstude and La Banquise bring you the tastiest party you will ever attend.

Photo cred- Interstude

There are two things every single person in Montreal loves, without a question, and the dynamic duo are poutines and parties. Every weekend, the pair go hand in hand, as many Montrealers find themselves downing a poutine at 3:30am right after a long night of drinking, dancing, and other shenanigans. Interstude, the events group catering to international students, are combining Montreal's greatest loves into one event, with the sure-to-be-epic "I Poutine MTL" Party, being held at Ivy Nightclub.

Maybe the first of its kind, or at least done on this scale, the Poutine Party is exactly what it sounds like, a huge party with plenty of poutine. On the setlist of events are a poutine eating contest, where guys will battle guys and the ladies will take each other on, a whopping 10kg of poutine that will be given to all who don't compete, and a bunch of other poutine-related challenges. Make sure to come hungry.

Photo cred- Interstude

Don't worry about getting your nicest shirt dirty with gravy and melted cheese, as the dress code for the party is pretty simple. Just wear your Interstude t-shirt from whichever trip you've done with the group. No worries if you don't have one, or you lost yours, just make sure to wear something you get all up in a poutine with.

No party would be complete without an after party, and in line with the theme, the "I Poutine Party's" post-jam will be held at La Banquise, you know, so you can eat even more poutine. You can never get enough of the good stuff.

To get in on Insterstude's Poutine Party you will need a ticket to get in. The first 100 tickets sold are only $5, so be sure to get yours now before the prices start going up.

The Montreal "I Poutine MTL" Party" by Interstude will be held on November 20th starting at 10pm. Get your tickets here.

Photo cred- Interstude