Montreal Is Hosting A "Retro Poster" Pop-Up Shop

Perfect for decorating your new pad.

If you've ever had to decorate your place, you know that filling those blank walls with something fun and original can be a challenge. You're not quite looking for high-end art, but a few conversation pieces, say like some boss retro posters to compliment your style, would suit you just fine. Beautifully unique, hand-crafted illustrations that take us back to simpler times, and that just seem to ooze with cool.

It just so happens there's a pop-up shop happening right now in Griffintown dedicated to just that - contemporary posters with an authentic retro-vintage feel.

One of only 50 dealers in the world, the charming L'Affichiste gallery specializes in vintage posters, and for a short time, will be offering an exclusive collection of works by contemporary illustrators and designers at Ludovik on Notre-Dame Street West (map).

If you've always wanted vintage, but at a more affordable price, these contemporary posters (many of them signed by the artists themselves) are just the thing.

Retro-style travel posters, posters inspired by the Monaco Grand-Prix, even modern concert posters with a vintage feel: retro posters are an easy (and less expensive!) way to start collecting art, guaranteed to look great in your condo or apartment. Not to mention, since they're collectibles, these posters also appreciate in value over time, making them a solid long-term investment.

Check out the L'Affichiste pop-up shop at Ludovik, and visit their website and Facebook Page to see more awesome posters.

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