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Montreal Is Hosting A "Star Wars Festival" This Winter

Old school games, cartoons, toys, and anime included.
Montreal Is Hosting A "Star Wars Festival" This Winter

Nerd, geek, fangirl/boy, the names that are used to describe folks who are simply in love with certain fandoms are numerous. But while they may have been used in a derogatory manner back when you were a kid, nowadays it's cool to be a little geeky and let your fandom flag fly.

And there will be no better chance to do so this winter than at Retro Expo Montreal 2016, an event-festival devoted to all of the video games, cartoons, animes, and action figures you simply love to love.

Using the theme "A Galaxy Far Far Away," we're expecting a certain Star Wars-y edge to the 2016 edition of Montreal's Retro Expo. No doubt that of the 80+ tables of amazingly nerdy stuff, more than a few will be devoted to all things Star Wars.

Of course, all other fandoms will be represented at Retro Expo. Housed in a completely new venue and promising to be larger than ever before, no doubt your nerdy pleasures will be satiated somehow, if not by the massive inventory of toys, games, and comics, then by an awesome cosplay getup.

Retro Expo Montreal 2016 - A Galaxy Far Far Away will be going down this Sunday, February 7th from 10am to 5pm. For more details, head to the official Facebook event page here.

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