Montreal Is Hosting A "Star Wars" Orchestra Concert

The Force Awakens, better than ever.
Montreal Is Hosting A "Star Wars" Orchestra Concert

Few film franchises have musical scores quite as iconic as Star Wars. The opening intro, the Imperial March, heck, even the whirr of lightsabers are sounds synonymous with Star Wars, and all are about to get an orchestral upgrade in Montreal.

Just announced by Montreal’s Orchestre à vent de musiques de films (OVMF) is the "Star Wars Episode VII Concert," a symphonic recreation of the songs you head while watching The Force Awakens. And we know you did, because everyone saw Episode VII.

Focusing on the latest installment of the ongoing Star Wars franchise, attendees will get to hear the newest tracks created by John Williams (who did the scores for every Star Wards film to date) in an entirely new way.

Die-hard fans of the older films will also be pleased to hear that there are some "surprises" in store at the concert, which are set to be announced as the concert's date approaches. We're going to go out on a limb and predict that the "surprise" is to integrate songs from the original trilogy, hopefully.

The OVMF's Star Wars Episode VII Concert will be held on both June 12th and 19th 2016 at 7pm. Yes, the concert it a ways away, but expect tickets to sell like crazy, because Star Wars.

Anyone who does buy a tickets early (specifically before May 8th) will also get the bonus of a free CD from the OVMF Superhero Concert, going down in March.

For more details, head to the OVMF's website here.

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