Montreal Is Hosting A Star Wars Vs Final Fantasy Concert

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Black Mages and Jedis will be squaring off in the orchestra pit this year as Montreal gears towards a pop culture-music event that will surely cause nerdgasms throughout the city. Put on by Montreal's L'Orchestre de Jeux Vidéos (OJV), this will be a performance like no other, this is the Star Wars vs Final Fantasy concert.

Set to grace your ears with the iconic tunes of both franchises on April 4th, 2015, the SWvFF concert is kind of a long way off, but that just means you will have time to plan out your costume. The only question is, will you be Sephiroth or Vader? Tough call, I know.

Much like their name suggests, the Montreal L'Orchestre de Jeux Vidéos are all about reimagining your favourite videogame tunes into orchestral pieces of auditory amazement. The OJV's SNES Concert happening at the end of the month is already sold out, so be sure to check back on the group's Facebook page for updates as to when the SWvFF pre-sale tickets are available, which should be soon.

How the concert will be a "versus" remains to be seen, and in all likelihood, the concert will just be a celebration of tracks from both Star Wars and Final Fantasy. Hopefully a "winner" will be sorted out somehow, mainly because I need to know what's better, increasing my MP or midichlorian count? These are life's questions that need to be answered.

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