Montreal Is Hosting A "Vintage Music Festival" This Spring

With vintage cars and fashion too.
Montreal Is Hosting A "Vintage Music Festival" This Spring

Grab your pack of Pabst and your most worn-out plaid shirt, because Montreal will be kicking it entirely old-school come May, when the Anachronik vintage music festival kicks into gear.

Centered on the appreciation of good music (with actual instruments), Anachronik wants to take everyone back to the days when vinyls were played and heading out to a punk show was the thing to do.

In the words of Anachronik, the festival "is for those who understand what is rock'n'roll and live as if it's the only way possible." So basically get ready to drink plenty of beer and listen to some great live acts.

Taking over 12 venues throughout the city, Anachronik will feature forty different bands from across North America. The Anachronik lineup dropped only a short while ago, with acts like Black Lips, Sate, The Gruesomes, and Shane Murphy headlining the festival. You can check out the rest in the poster below.

Vintage cars will also play a part in Anachronik, ensuring the classic vibe of the festival is maintained. About forty vintage rides are slated to be seen throughout the music fest.

Montreal's vintage music festival, aka Anachronik will be going down on May 6th to 8th. For more details, head over to the official Facebook page.

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