Montreal Is Hosting A "Winter Circus Festival" Beginning Next Week

TOHU's Attrape-Moi will be flying high as the temperature goes down low.
Montreal Is Hosting A "Winter Circus Festival" Beginning Next Week

Photo cred - Andy Phillipson

Rather than just going to see The Nutcracker for a holiday/seasonal performance, go see something with a bit more modern flair. TOHU, Montreal's performance art collective, will be holding a series of performances that will celebrate the season, a veritable "winter circus festival" put on by the Flip FabriQue group.

Using the premise of a bunch of friends chilling in a cabin in the woods (no reference to the movie) during the winter, the performance, titled "Attrape-Moi" features a mix of high-flying maneuvers and comedic moments. Expect a plethora of high-wire acts, wall-to-trampoline moves, and a bunch of crazy choreography that will please young and old audience members alike.

Attrape-Moi performances will begin on December 17th til January 3rd, with 1pm and 6:30pm showings. TOHU has a bunch of other shows to check out during the winter season, some of which are free, so be sure to check out the full program here.

Get excited and check out the trailer for the Attrape-moi show below.

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