Montreal Is Hosting A "Wish Lantern" Festival At Mont-Royal Lookout

Light up the sky.
Montreal Is Hosting A "Wish Lantern" Festival At Mont-Royal Lookout

Sometimes, you just need a fresh start. New Year's, spring cleaning, a birthday, all are examples of events that can be used as a "new beginning," a point in which you can go forward and leave all of your worries and fears behind you.

Come this summer, everyone in Montreal will be treated to a new (and beautiful) way to start anew, with the dawn of the city's very first (we think) Wish Lantern Festival.

A Montreal-ized take on traditional Chinese lantern festivals, the core concept of the event remains the same, with a few city-specific changes.

Much like the original, attendees will cast off all of their anxieties and fears through the symbolic gesture of releasing paper lanterns which will float into the night sky, carrying all worries away. A romantic aspect has been added to the Montreal version too, with lanterns of love an entirely viable option.

But since Lantern Festivals generally occur around this time of year, the organizers of the event thought it best to hold the Montreal version at a time when it isn't deathly outside.

So to further reinforce new beginnings, the Montreal Wish Lantern Festival will take place on the summer solstice (June 20th) atop Mount Royal, ensuring the night will be pleasantly warm.

You've never seen the Montreal skyline lit up with little floating lanterns during a celebration of love and good tidings, thus creating a rather breathtaking view, so we're certain the Montreal Wish Lantern Festival will be unlike any other.

Everything else you need to know about the Montreal Wish Lantern Festival (including how to make a lantern) can be found at the official event Facebook page.

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