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Montreal Is Hosting An Event That Will Make You Feel Like You Were At Expo 67

Relive one of the city's greatest moments.
Montreal Is Hosting An Event That Will Make You Feel Like You Were At Expo 67

Ah, Expo 67. In my opinion, this event - which went down in the city exactly 50 years ago, BTW - was pretty much a shining star in the history of Montreal, and in Canada as a whole, if we're being honest.

via @ciaomiranda12

Why? Well, think about it. Many of the things built for and featured in Expo 67 are still huge parts of our lives in Montreal to this day. The Biosphere? La Ronde? Habitat 67? Parc Jean-Drapeau? All thanks to Expo 67. (Sidenote: I guess that also means Osheaga and Ile Soniq are all thanks to Expo 67, too!)

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And even though a lot of us weren't even alive when this event went down, we all still kind of know about it. I mean, for good reason: Expo 67 was seriously cool. It had it all. Live music (The Supremes played live, guys), an amusement park (looking at you, La Ronde), entertainment, celebrities, IMAX films, expositions, and a whole lot more!

Just like those of us who weren't there for sure want to experience the awesomeness of Expo 67 for the first time, those of us who were there highkey wish to relive every single moment of this epic event. 

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And now, guess what - you can do exactly that, thanks to the super immersive Expo 67 Live event that'll kick off the 50 year anniversary of Expo 67. 

Going down September 18 - 30 at the Esplanade de la Place des Arts, Expo 67 Live is the perfect way to relive the cultural event of the year, and honestly, it'll probably be just as memorable!

via @charlotte_lallement

This open-air event will bring a huge moment from Expo 67 to 2017. Back then,the National Film Board Of Canada (AKA the NFB) debuted the IMAX film In The Labyrinth to more than a million viewers. 

via @catherine_lem

Today, 50 years later, the event will pretty much be a multi-screen cinematographic masterpiece

via @dc_hillier

Featuring giant, immersive screens that'll take you back fifty years to vibe and atmosphere of Montreal's Expo 67, this event relives the best moments of the event -  in a way that can only happen in 2017

via @jonodempsey

For example, you can take a minute walk through Expo 67, listen to the music of the '60s, and check out the USSR Pavillion, the Monorail, the American Pavillion, Habitat 67 and more, all without ever having to leave Place Des Arts thanks to Karine Lanoie-Brien and her team. 

via @ziad_chatila

However you want to revisit Expo 67 through Expo 67 Live, this event has totally got your back - and is something you're seriously going to want to experience!

via @marksusina

For more information, check out NFB's special online programming celebrating the 50th anniversary of Expo 67 right here and make sure to subscribe to their newsletter. You can also share your Expo 67 Live experience with the world by using the hashtag #Expo67Live!