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Montreal Is Hosting An Outdoor "Halloween Silent Disco Party" At Mont-Royal Station

Get your dance on this Halloween.
Montreal Is Hosting An Outdoor "Halloween Silent Disco Party" At Mont-Royal Station

Uncontested as the party holiday of the year (sorry New Year's Eve), Halloween is the magical time of year where you get to dress up, be a little zanier than usual, and experience a brand new side of yourself. To do all that, you're going to need a particularly (and peculiarly) awesome event.

While you could do the same old thing and hit up a house party, club, or bar this All Hallowss Eve, if you really want to embrace the sentiment of the psuedo-holiday, start off your Halloween with a truly different kind of dance party: the Halloween 2015 Montréal Silent Disco bash.

"Silent disco" sounds a little counter intuitive if you don't understand the concept, but it's fairly simple, and incredibly fun. All about self-expression, a silent disco brings a random group of people together to dance to a specific playlist, all through their own personal iPod/device. The result is a huge mob of people dancing about the city with no music heard by anyone else, effectively freaking out passersby while everyone enjoys a good dance sesh.

For the special Halloween edition silent disco, Montreal's Silent Disco Squad is inviting any and everyone to congregate at Mont-Royal station at 5pm on October 31st. Simply come dressed in a costume, bring a music-device to stream the playlist (or download it before), and get ready to dance your face off in the big public square outside the metro.

To get all the details on the Halloween 2015 Montréal Silent Disco, head to the Facebook event page here. And for all you undead, rest easy knowing the annual Montreal zombie walk ends before the silent disco starts, so you'll definitely be able to rock some Thriller moves later in the day.

And for anyone who still needs an explanation, the video below will take you through exactly what to expect out of a silent disco jam.

See you there homies.

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