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Montreal Is Hosting Bubble Soccer Tournaments All Over The City This Summer

Show off your Ronaldo moves.
Montreal Is Hosting Bubble Soccer Tournaments All Over The City This Summer

Summer in Montreal is pretty amazing. With so many things to do like terrace hopping with your best friends or a night out on the town with your boyfriend, it's hard to get bored. Well, unless you've been doing the same thing every.single.year.

Well, I'm here to tell you guys that there's a pretty cool summer activity that you're going to want to partake in this summer 17.

If you’ve got a summer bucket list, it is no doubt that Bubble Soccer has made the cut. It’s the ‘beautiful game’ combined with the madness of a jumping castle, where a bubble ball surrounds every player. Bulle En Folie is Montreal’s favorite home of Bubble Soccer and now, it’s your time to show off those mad soccer skills.

Whether you’re a soccer beginner or you regularly kick a ball around in a Montreal league, Bubble Soccer is guaranteed to have you and your friends laughing as you kick, collide and bounce your way to every goal. And even if you're not a fan of soccer, they’ve got you covered! Choose from an array of bubble games ranging from King of the Bubble to Demolition. Check out the rest HERE.

via @bulleenfoliemtl

You’ve seen the videos online, and now it’s your chance to give it a go for yourself in Montreal with this brilliant deal from Bulle En Folie. With their amazing Summer Deal, you don't have any excuses not to try it, so grab your colleagues, your Friday night crew, or do it for a birthday bash and do not miss out on the most fun you will have all summer.

via @bulleenfoliemtl

What is this brilliant Summer Deal? Score 2 hours of bubble soccer for just $20 per person, with a minimum of 10 friends. Bulle En Folie supply all the equipment including the bubbles. Even better, if that sly weather takes a turn, there is an indoor or outdoor pitch you can choose from. But get in early - this deal is around only from May until August.

Want to see Bubble Soccer in action? Check it out here:

Now is your TIME TO SHINE with Bubble Soccer! Head to Bulle En Folie’s site to book your Bubble soccer game, or check out their Facebook and Instagram for more inspiration.