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Montreal Is Hosting First-Ever "Bagel & Burlesque" Festival

A strangely awesome combination.

Most people aren't aware of it, but Montreal is a burlesque city. It was back in prohibition-era days, this city was the place to catch a tantalizing show (or two), and burlesque still remains alive and well to this day.

But that isn't to saythe seductive art form has stayed the same since then. New ways to perform and embrace all-things burlesque have evolved in our fair city, ones that fuse elements of geek culture, theater, and comedy into a style dubbed "neo-burlesque."

And because Montreal is so in love with its festivals, there's now one devoted entirely to neo-burlesque: Bagel Expo 2016.

The first of its kind, Montreal Bagel Expo 2016 is a performative celebration of "beauty under all its less traditional forms," which means things will probably get a little weird, but in the best way.

Taking over various stages this weekend, Bagel Expo will feature three different "Spectacle Neo-Burlesque Shows" with an array of acts from Canada's best male and female performers (along with several headliners). A couple of burlesque workshops (you can burlesque too!) will also be held to round out the festival.

Needless to say, chances are you haven't been to a festival quite like Bagel Expo before. No word on how bagels will come into play during the neo-burlesuque festival (if at all) but we truly hope they play at least some role at some point, because bagels are just too sexually suggestive not to include in a burlesque show. Those holes, you know?

Making Montreal weirdly-amazingly sexy this weekend, Bagel Expo 2016 begins April 22 to 24, with events held at various venues.

To find out more, head to the official website here.

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