Montreal Is Hosting Free "Rooftop Igloo Terrasse" 5 à 7's At The SAT On Saint-Laurent Street

Photo cred - SAT

Just because it's cold outside, it doesn't mean you can't party on a rooftop. Well, maybe not at most rooftop terrasses, as many of the city's elevated eateries have closed for the season, but not at the SAT's Foodlab "Nordic terasse."

Opened on November 27th, the Foodlab's Nordic terrasse is a warmed tent-lodge on a rooftop, outfitted with fur, tables and couches for sitting, and a variety of special winter cocktails that will keep your insides warm and fuzzy.

The Nordic terrasse will remain open 'til March, and is promised to be "an experience that merges digital culture and nomadic traditions" all under one tent. Expect a sensory experiences that will please your eyes and ears just as much as your taste buds, and judging by the photo below, the atmosphere will be beyond cozy.

You can check out the rooftop Nordic terrasse on Tuesday-Friday from 5pm to 10pm, with admission being entirely free. Private reservations are also available. Learn more by heading to the official website listing and Facebook event page here.

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