Montreal's First-Ever Bacon Week Festival Is Happening Right Now

See every mouth-watering creation here.
Montreal's First-Ever Bacon Week Festival Is Happening Right Now

Alright now try not to drool too much when you read this - we know, it's hard - but Montreal first-ever week-long bacon festival is happening right now. That's right, an entire week dedicated to the crispy, tasty, delicious, heavenly-goodness that is bacon. I don't think anything has ever sounded more perfect.

In honour of International Bacon day on September 5, Quartier DIX30 is partnering with 14 of its restaurants to host Bacon Week from September 6-12. Each restaurant will create a special bacon-inspired dish that will be available for you to chow down on throughout the week. 14 dishes in 7 days? That's totally do-able, especially if you're as committed to bacon as I am.

Located on the South Shore, Quartier DIX30 is already a go-to for many Montrealers, with over 300 retailers and some of the best restaurants and bars in Montreal. Add some mind-blowing bacon dishes to the mix and you'll never want to leave. As if that's not incentive enough, there will also be a contest running throughout the week, giving you a chance to win over $800 of DIX30 and restaurant gift cards when you order any one of these bacon creations.

Here are all 14 dishes that you'll be able to get during Bacon Week:

Allo Mon Coco: Breakfast Potato Bacon Hash

Start your day off the right way: with copious amounts of bacon. Allo Mon Coco's Bacon Week concoction is a tasty potato hash that's mixed with bacon, shallots and cheddar cheese, and then topped with even more bacon and a sunny side up egg. "Hungry" is not a word that will be coming out of your mouth after eating this work of genius.


Balthazar: Farmer Burger

Balthazar is starting things off with a dish that encompasses everything bacon should be: heart-attack inducing and delicious. This burger is made with a duck poutine that's been wrapped in bacon and placed on a burger, dripping with cheese, and topped with a poached egg and caramelized onions. It really is one of the tastiest things you'll every try. And hats off to you if you can actually finish the whole thing.


Casey's: Bacon Cheeseburger

Casey's is keeping things classic with a bacon cheeseburger as their special dish. But don't let the simplicity fool you - this burger packs a very, very powerful punch. It comes loaded with white cheddar, onion, lettuce, tomato, sliced pickle, and of course, TONS of bacon. It's exactly what you're looking for in a good burger: filling, tasty, and oh so satisfying.


Five Guys: Bacon Poutine

I'm sure at one point or another you've found yourself wishing that your favourite fries spot made their own poutine - well, wish no more because Five Guys is rolling out an exquisite apple wood-smoked bacon poutine for Bacon Week. Of course they use their classic, freshly cut and perfectly made fries, and top it with a peppery vegetarian Rose Hill gravy and fresh Kingsey cheese curds. You can customize your poutine just like a burger and add whatever other toppings you'd like. Want a hotdog on it? No problem. How about onions, mushrooms and a burger patty? You've got it, but we hope you have your cardiologist on speed dial!


Houston Avenue Bar & Grill: Caramelized Bacon Slab With Bacon Potatoes & Asian Style Bacon Slab With Edamame

Houston has two different dishes on special for Bacon Week. That's right, you're either going to have to choose, or just suck it up and eat both. We'd advise you opt for the latter. The first dish is a caramelized bacon slab with bacon mashed potatoes, and root vegetables cooked in bacon fat. The second is an Asian-style bacon slab sautéed with edamame beans and orange juice. Everything is cooked sous vide for 16 hours, so it's super flavourful and tender. You won't be feeling any sense of bacon deprivation when you walk out of here.


Juliette & Chocolat: La Bûcheronne

Juliette et Chocolat is known around Montreal for their delectable crepes, so it only makes sense that they crafted a bacon crepe that is about as close to a divinely creation as a crepe can be. It comes absolutely loaded with goat cheese, potatoes, thyme and lots and lots of bacon - perfect for any meal of the day in my opinion.


La Fontana: Bacon Sausage

The words "bacon" and "sausage" entice the minds of every carnivore when said alone, but put them together and it's near mind-blowing. Well La Fontana went ahead and did it, and created a truly gratifying bacon stuffed sausage, which they then wrapped in bacon. That's right, bacon on the inside and out. However you're imagining that it tastes, it tastes better. They also put some figs in there that give it just a little hint of sweetness. This is an absolute must-try.


Les 3 Brasseurs: La Flammekueche Lilloise

Nothing goes together quite like cheese, bacon and bread, and this traditional French-inspired flatbread has all of those award-winning components. The bread comes loaded with bacon, caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, swiss cheese and mozzarella. Your tastebuds will be singing songs of praise. This 3 Brasseurs also has an exclusive blonde apple DIX30 brewed beer that accompanies this dish perfectly, so make sure you get yourself a pint to complete your meal.


Mile Public House: The Brutus

Mile Public House specializes in amazing hand-crafted cocktails, so obviously they had to make their bacon week contribution beverage-centric. This Jim Beam based drink is a twist on the Mint Julep and it's made with Jim Beam triple black, Sortilege maple whiskey, cherry oak smoked maple syrup and maple syrup dust on top, all over crushed ice. On top of the drink comes the main event: the bacon back. It's been reduced in apple cider vinegar, Jim Bean Bourbon, maple syrup and caramelized onions, and is seriously one of the tastiest bites you'll ever have. The drink and the bacon go so well together that you'll find yourself savouring every sip.


Niji Sushi Bar: Bekon Roll

Now I'll be honest, when I heard there was going to be bacon in sushi, I was a little hesitant. But let me tell you that this stuff is the BOMB. I don't think I've ever had such an awesome tasting sushi roll in my life. It comes filled with asparagus, crab meat, and Japanese omelette, drizzled with eel glaze, and topped with bacon, fish roe and a perfectly seared scallop, all wrapped up in soya paper. I hope your chopstick skills are ready because you're going to want to dive into this dish.


Siam: Crispy Pork

For some tasty pork with an Asian twist, Siam is where you need to be. Their bacon week dish is old-style flavourful crispy pork belly with Chinese baby broccoli, served with home-made oyster sauce with mushrooms and topped with roasted garlic. The pork is roasted, boiled, and then deep fried, so it's nice and crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. It will leave your tastebuds 100% happy and satisfied.


Vestibule Signé L'Aurochs: Bacon Trio

Vestibule has every part of the meal covered with their Bacon Trio. And while the bacon foie gras terrine and the pork flan with dark beer, coriander and celery root puree are absolutely to die for (like seriously, so good) it's the bacon cheddar beignets with fresh apple dipping sauce that will leave you thinking you're in heaven. It's the perfect combination of sweet and savoury, and of course there's tons of bacon chunks. Do not miss out on these!


Williams-Sonoma: Salted Caramel Bacon Doughnut & Pulled Pork

Whoever said bacon can't be eaten for dessert? Well it certainly wasn't Williams-Sonoma. They've created an ingenious salted caramel-glazed bacon donut with a milk caramel sauce. These little morsels of heaven are baked right in the store, and the best part of all: they're completely free! Along with a deliciously savoury pulled pork dish, you'll be able to pop into the shop and taste it for free. Everything is made using Williams-Sonoma products and mixes so you can even learn how to make them yourself.


Yuzu Shushi: Le Spiky et Frite

In case one bacon sushi roll wasn't enough to satisfy your needs, there are going to be two that you can have this Bacon Week. Yuzu is offering a maki scallop tartare roll with smoked salmon bacon and smoked salmon bacon flavored sweet potato fries, finished off with a chipotle mango sauce. Everything is super fresh and tasty, and it just gets more and more delicious with every bite.


To get you your tasty fix of delicious bacon during Bacon Week, check out the map available here and the DIX30 Facebook page.