Montreal Is Hosting Its First-Ever Multi-Sensory Dining Experience

An out-of-body foodie event.
Montreal Is Hosting Its First-Ever Multi-Sensory Dining Experience

We have all had that one meal or drink that curls your toes the moment it hits your taste buds. The best meals are the ones that can make your mouth water as you listen to the crackle of the simmer, or smell the ingredients being freshly chopped. Finally, it makes its way to your tongue and you swear you can see through time….

So imagine an event that focuses wholly on amplifying our senses and delivering a culinary journey like no other. Your favourite flavours, textures, aromas, sights and sounds surrounded by a magical environment you have to see to believe. Well, Stella Artois's 'Le Savoir’ is just that.

From August 4 to 11, Montreal will host the world premiere of Stella Artois Le Savoir, an immersive and unforgettable multi-sensory dining event, where Time is the metaphor and Stella Artois the muse!

Blending Stella Artois with food, technology, entertainment and performanceart to challenge perceptions and awaken the senses, Le Savoir is no ordinary dinner. The night's featured pairings, imagery and flavours all combine to create one fantastical journey.

Travel through dreamscape mazes and refrigerated corridors to find the grand finale: A feast to please all the senses! A step into a delicious dream, where guests don't just taste the food, but see, smell, hear and feel it as well.

The multi-course menu by Bompas & Parr will be inspired by the four seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter), and the tapestry of flavour notes you find within the 600-year old Stella Artois recipe. The evening's backdrop will be a Forgotten Garden, designed by none other than 45 Degrees, Cirque du Soleil’s events and special projects company, in Montreal's Usine C.

As one of only 3 cities in the world to host Le Savoir (New York, Buenos Aires), this is quite the honour for Montreal and we just can't wait to try it! Then again, a great foodie city like ours, we're not that surprised Montreal was selected either.

Check out Stella Artois Le Savoir website and Facebook event for more details, and to make your reservation!*

*Must be of legal drinking age to attend.