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Montreal Is Hosting Its First-Ever Official "Taco Week" This Fall

The most magical time of the year.
Montreal Is Hosting Its First-Ever Official "Taco Week" This Fall

Guys, sometimes life sometimes your week, month, or year doesn't go too well.

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I mean, let's be honest, life's a little rough. (I have a theory that life's been extra rough for some of us lately because mercury has been in retrograde, but don't get me started on this).

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But then there are tacos, to remind you that all is, in fact, right with the world.

And sometimes, if the stars align for you just right, some kind souls decide to organize an entire festival dedicated to tacos.

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Exactly like the taco festival that will very soon be taking place right here, in Montreal on October 15 - 22.

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Montreal's Taco Week, AKA the most magical time of the year, will feature a network of yummy Montreal restaurants (like Mercado, Emiliano's, Mr. Azteca, and more) offering up their yummiest taco dishes - all for under $10.

Which basically means your wallet will be as happy as your stomach, TBH.

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Not only will you be able to nosh on taco delacices, but Taco Week is also offering up a Taco Week Passport - and if you eat 5 or more dishes on the passport, plus share them on social media, you'll be entered to win some prizes.


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Sounds like the best week in the entire city, hands down? Then check out Taco Week's website and Facebook page.

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