Montreal Is The East Coast's Largest Video Game Event

This is the Montreal International Games Summit
Montreal Is The East Coast's Largest Video Game Event

Video games are more than just a hobby, they're a lifestyle, and for many professionals, video games are at the core of their respective careers. Pretty much any lover of video games would (literally) kill for the chance to break into the industry, making the Montreal International Games Summit (or MIGS) a must-attend event.

Bridging the gap between the avid gamer and the industry itself, the MIGS, to be held at Palais des congrès from November 15th to 17th, is marketed as the largest video game industry event in North America.

Technically, the MIGS is an an event geared towards video game professionals, though there is tons an average gamer can enjoy.

Take the "Expo Zone," for example, where all attendees can check out (and play) the latest games and new projects created by the largest video game developers around, along with an array of indy studios. This'll be your chance to play the games everyone will be talking about for the rest of the year.

Several tournaments will also be held during MIGS-weekend, including the Magic: The Gathering-Puzzle Quest demo and a For Honor tournament, a new 3rd person melee fighting game developed by Ubisoft. The big-name studio (that has an office in Montreal, as you know) promises high-octane medieval violence for all who play, so colour us excited.

What makes MIGS truly exciting for students, young professionals, or anyone who has always wanted to become a part of the video game creation process, is the number of events catering to folks who need an entry point into the video game industry.

Not only will professionals be on-site looking for the latest talent at the MIGS Recruitment Zone (which you have to register for), but there the video game summit will also be holding a "Best of Future Talent" and "Concept Art Contest."

Best of Future Talent is specifically geared towards students and recent grads, and allows them to showcase their work and have projects presented to industry professionals.

The Concept Art Contest is pretty much what it sounds like, with amateur graphic designers and digital artists competing for the best design on a given theme, which will be unveiled only 24-hours before the event.

To find out more about the Montreal International Games Summit, taking place at at Palais des congrès from November 15-17, head to the event's official website here.