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Montreal Is Hosting Quebec's Largest "Tartare Fest" Right Now

Tickets are only $10!
Montreal Is Hosting Quebec's Largest "Tartare Fest" Right Now

Food festivals are the bread and butter of Montreal and my favorite thing in the entire world. And there's one going on right now! How do you feel about tartare? 

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I know it sounds like something super fancy that you could probably never afford and that is only served in boogie restaurants. Well, it's not! If you've tried it out, it's seriously delicious. Now is the perfect time because restaurants all over the city have come together to serve their best tartare just for you!

The best chefs from all over Montreal have perfect this delicious raw dish. And you can taste their creations for only $10! On top of that, you even get a cocktail, beer or glass of wine included with your tasting. I really don't think it could get any better.

This festival is happening right now! It will be running from April19, 2018 until April 29, 2018, so don't worry you have the time you need to check it out. But don't miss it! Make sure you plan your trips right away.

There are over 40 restaurants participating in this awesome festival. Here's a full list, so you can pick out your favorite and plan out your week:

Need to know where they are? Just check out this map I found on their website:

Just check out the hashtag #Tartarefest to see meals that are going to blow your mind! Can't wait? Well here, check out some pictures right here.

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