Montreal Is Hosting The Biggest Super Smash Bros. Party Ever

There's been a lot of talk about video game tournaments lately. Particularly the ones taking place on giant theater screens. But when it comes to these competitions, the demand is so high the chances you'll actually get to play are pretty slim. Those competitions are always over-packed with people who are just there for the novelty of playing on a big screen anyways.

A true Smash brothers warrior however, knows that it's not the size of the screen that counts, it's the skill of your opponent and the glory you'll achieve once you destroy them. That's why eSports MTL in collaboration with Super Smash Bros Montreal proudly presents: The biggest Super Smash Bros party of the summer!

There will 800$ worth of prizes to be won and the semi finals and finals will be streamed live on The event is BYOC (bring your controller) and you must be 18+ to attend.

There will be gaming stations for those who aren't competing as well as a mini cosplay competition. Afterwards there will be an after-party and tons of giveaways.

It's all happening at the Montreal Forum on Saturday July 11th. Entrance is $25 for players and $5 for guests.

Check out eventjoy to buy your tickets

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