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Montreal Is Hosting The Largest Classical Organ Music Festival In The World

Beautiful sounds in beautiful places.
Montreal Is Hosting The Largest Classical Organ Music Festival In The World

Friends, if there's one thing that's awesome about living on the planet Earth, it's the music.

I mean, for me it's just amazing to think that a series of sounds can totally elevate or change your mood - and let you better connect with people, or even with yourself. It's a little mindblowing, TBH.

Of course, I don't even think I need to tell you how much I respect musicians. The people behind the music, controlling the sounds and the emotions through complex instruments? They're the real MVPs in my book. 

And there is no instrument out there as complex as the pipe organ. Yup, that huge, piano-like instrument in almost every church is actually super complicated to play: there are 3-4 different keyboards involved, foot pedals, and side-knobs called stops. So, you know, it takes a whole lot of talent and skill to be able to play these bad boys.

Thankfully, organ music also happens to be super beautiful to listen to - and super culturally relevant to Montreal! Not only do we have tons of churches, which means we also have tons and tons of organs, but we have a very long history of organ building. Plus, the organs we build in Montreal happen to be some of the best in the whole world!

And in order to celebrate Montreal and its rich connection to the organ, there just so happens to be an organ music festival going down in the city this fall - and although the pipe organ is super versatile, this fest will place emphasis on classical organ music. (I mean, that's the best kind, let's be real). 

Happening October 6 - 21 at various spots throughout the city and put on by the Canadian International Organ Competition, the festival is a massive, city-wide competition featuring the 20 best young organists in the whole world.

Basically, the competitors are going to be playing some of the most challenging pieces of organ music written over the past 400 years, and then recreate it straight by ear. Which is going to be a little difficult, considering no two organs in the world are like... so the organ they're used to is definitely not going to be like the organ they're actually playing on. 

To kick off this competition (which is the biggest one in the world, BTW), the CIOCM is hosting a massive classical organ music concert on October 6 at the Maison Symphonique de Montreal (1600 St Urbain St).

The concert will feature world-famous organists Jean-Willy Kunz and Christian Lane, as well as special guest Montreal-based indie/folk singer Leif Vollebekk (!!). 

Tickets start at $30, which, honestly, is super fair considering how awesome the concert is going to be!

So if you love discovering new music, or are already a fan of the rich culture and sound of the organ - then this is one festival you're going to want to check out.

To get your tickets to the special October 6 concert, and to learn more information about the Canadian International Organ Competition, check out their website and official Facebook page!

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