Montreal Is Now Using Sheep As Lawnmowers

Not sure if this is completely insane or pure genius.
Montreal Is Now Using Sheep As Lawnmowers

A Montrealer by the name of Mathyas Lefebure has been approved by the borough of Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie to tour his sheep in Montreal's urban parks. Lefebure spent some time in Europe as a shepherd and now hopes to use his sheep to educate Montrealers about farming, and also to maintain our grass. The plan is to have sheep in different parks throughout the summer, enclosed in a moveable fence. Having sheep in Montreal's parks: does it make sense? Is it a baa-d idea?

Europe has been using sheep as lawnmowers in cities for a long time. Sheep-lawnmower projects have even occurred in Saskatchewan of all places. "Green," "natural" projects are taking over and for whatever reason hiring animals is getting more and more appealing. If you doubt the power of sheep (or guinea pigs, horses, cows, and chickens), check out this website that calculates how quickly they can "mow" your lawn.

I really didn't think that sheep made efficient lawn-mowers, but there you go. The ultimate decision is going to come down to a vote in Montreal, but it wouldn't be the first time sheep have been introduced to Canadian parks. Madness, shear madness.

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