Montreal Is Officially The Jobless Capital Of Canada

Not a contest we should be proud of winning.
Montreal Is Officially The Jobless Capital Of Canada

Chances are that you've heard at least one person complain about how hard it is to find a job in Montreal. Well, as it turns out, their claims are completely legitimate. According to recent figures from Stats Canada, Montreal is the unemployment capital of Canada. While the national average is 6.8%, which is not too bad, here in Montreal it's 8.9%, which is significantly higher.

Despite Quebec creating 20,000 jobs last month alone, the higher paying jobs like engineering and aerospace are seeing huge layoffs. 300 jobs were eliminated from CAE last week, and other aerospace companies like Bombardier have let hundreds of people go in Montreal during 2015.

There's no known singular reason for this, but some people are saying it's because of taxes. Montreal has one of the highest tax rates in Quebec for businesses - nearly four times what they are in the residential sector. Other people say it's because of the metropolitan population growing faster than jobs are being created. Whatever the reason, hopefully something will change soon so that Montrealers can be more easily employed.


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