Montreal Is Opening A "Beer Garden" At Berri-Uqam This Summer

A new urban outdoor oasis at Place Émilie-Gamelin.
Montreal Is Opening A "Beer Garden" At Berri-Uqam This Summer

We often like to gripe about this city and criticize its many shortcomings, but if there is one thing Montreal does do right, it's summer. Granted, the warm temperatures do a lot of the work, but there's nowhere that embraces the season quite as well as Montreal does. With its many festivals, and outdoor events, and its plethora of sunny and inviting terrasses to choose from, Montreal just gets it. It knows we like to be outside in the summer, preferably with a beer in hand and something vibrant to look at, so the city has decided to offer us yet another festive environment that's sure to be an instant hot spot.

You might know it as that somewhat cruddy park where the city's transient tend to gather, or perhaps you are more familiar with it as a meeting spot for student protesters, or even just as that open space next to Berri-Uqam metro station, but whatever you know it as, Place Émilie-Gamelin will be closed off for a major make-over starting next week.

From the same people that brought us the Village Éphémère, Place Émilie-Gamelin will be fenced off for a month to prepare for a new urban oasis in the heart of the city. The "Jardins Gamelin" will feature all kinds of neat stuff, including a landscaped beer garden that will serve actual alcohol and food, thanks to a pop-up restaurant set up in re-purposed shipping containers.

While the German-inspired beer garden is probably the coolest aspect of this project, the Jardins Gamelin will also offer a local farmer's market, pretty flowered areas, lots of seating, a central stage, and even a big neon sign for additional flair.

One important thing to note as well, planners wanted to make sure that this area would remain as inclusive to all Montrealers as possible, thus the northern section will remain open as a food distribution point for the homeless.

Needless to say, just another of many cool spots to hang out this summer in Montreal.

Jardin Gamelin will be open to the public from May until October.