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Montreal Is Opening A New Vegan Restaurant On Mont-Royal Street

So much kale, so much happiness.
Montreal Is Opening A New Vegan Restaurant On Mont-Royal Street

Alright, guys, at this stage in the game, I'm pretty sure you know how much I love food. Discovering great places to eat in Montreal is a huge part of my life, but - as I've said many times before - I try to eat as well as I possibly can during the week.

Back when I was constantly around Concordia's SGW campus, one of my all-time favourite spots to grab a bite was Copper Branch. They had everything that I love in life, tbh: Vegan poutines (!!), veggie burgers, breakfast options - honestly, I was in heaven. But then I migrated away from downtown Montreal and closer to the Plateau, and there's been no Copper Branch in sight.

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Until now. That's right, friends. The Plateau is gearing up to open a brand new Copper Branch location, right on the corner of Mont-Royal and de Brébeuf. Which means that those of us who love our vegan poutines no longer have to travel super far to get them; vegan friends and fans of vegan food? Yeah. It's time to rejoice. If this sounds like the best thing you've heard all week, don't forget to follow Copper Branch's Facebook page for more information.

Photo cred - MTLBlog

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