Montreal Is Opening A “Playboy” Theme Bar

Unique vibes the city was missing.
Montreal Is Opening A “Playboy” Theme Bar

I don't know if you guys heard about the Great Gatsby themed bar in Montreal, but it's awesome. Seriously, it's like taking a step back into some fantastic time period that's also a hybrid of modern times?

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All in all, it's a super unique experience, and much like Montreal's Christmas pop-up bar, it just goes to show that themed bars are seriously amazing.

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Which is why I'm super excited about another themed bar coming to Montreal very, very soon.

Situated in the basement of Griffintown's super tasty fried chicken and champagne restaurant, Le Bird Bar (1800 Rue Notre-Dame O), Henden will be opening up as a 1970s Playboy Mansion themed bar.

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Sidenote: if you've ever been to Bird Bar's basement and seen the bar there, then you know. This "secret" spot looks seriously gorgeous, modern, and has some really awesome vibes.

No other details yet about Henden, including when it's set to open, so just make sure you keep your eyes peeled on Le Bird Bar for updates.

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Sound like the coolest thing ever? Then check out Bird Bar's Facebook and Instagram for updates.


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