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Photo cred - Das Bier

October is a month devoted to German culture (so beer) what with the month-long celebrating that is Oktoberfest.  Soon, Montreal is going to be able to enjoy German beer and drinking culture all year round, with the opening of Das Bier, a new German-themed bar set to open in mid-2015.

The new establishment is brought to you by Kaled Chaaban, Co-owner of Mile Public House, Manny Vides Jr, mixologist and Co-owner of Mile Public House and Anthoni Jodoin, Co-owner of Brutus and Nacho Libre. Inspired by Bavarian beer gardens, Das Bier (located at 5885 Papineau) will be a celebration of German-style drinking, so expect beer, and lots of it.

20 draft lines will be set up at Das Bier, along with a large assortment of bottled and canned German beers to boot. Speaking of boots, Das Bier will have the iconic boot-glass, letting you consume all your beer in true German fashion.

Steins will be another way to enjoy your German beer, and you can even have your own personal one reserved for you at the bar. Buy a stein, engrave your initials on it, and keep it in a locker at the bar so you're always able to guzzle your choice of brew like a boss.

Beer cocktails will be rounding out the alcoholic menu at Das Bier, and given how creative cocktails are at Nacho and Brutus, we're excited to see what the staff will do with beer and liquor combos. Expect a lot of traditional German eats like giant pretzels and weisswurst to fill out the food menu, the perfect pair to German beer.

The beer garden theme will run all throughout Das Bier, with lots of long tables to post up at with your stein in hand. TV screens will line the walls for all sorts of sports, and the staff will be decked out in trational outfits, but with a twist.

But even with all of the food and atmosphere to enjoy, Das Bier will be all about the beer, which sounds about right to us.

To keep tabs on Das Bier, so you know right when it'll open, head over to the Facebook page here.

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