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Montreal Is Opening An All-New All Meatball Restaurant On Saint-Laurent Street Tomorrow

Bolo Bolo will be in your life very soon.
Montreal Is Opening An All-New All Meatball Restaurant On Saint-Laurent Street Tomorrow

Photo cred - Yimt

The main is getting some more balls, meatballs that is, with the opening of Bolo Bolo on St. Laurent, right by the corner of Prince Arthur. Officially rolling out meatballs tomorrow, October 2nd, Bolo Bolo will be celebrating with a big ol' opening party, with plenty of meatballs served, of course.

Bolo Bolo is the new creation from the operators of the Meatball MTL food truck, so rest assured these folks know how to roll a good meatball. One of the more delicious (and affordable) food trucks back when it was still operating, I was entirely pleased when I had Meatball MTL's dishes last year, and one can only assume they're upping their meatball game for their restaurant.

The core concept of Bolo Bolo will be meatballs, but don't assume the restaurant can only dribble one ball. Other Italian delicacies will be served, and hopefully some vegetarian options too. We'd be surprised if the latter wasn't included on Bolo Bolo's menu, what with the large vegan/vegetarian population in Montreal.

Get a taste of what Bolo Bolo has to offer your taste buds at their official opening party tomorrow. All are invited to attend, and with free meatballs and drinks served, its going to be a (meat)baller event. Get all the details at the Facebook event page here.

Follow up on all things Bolo Bolo and get a sense of the resto before you head over tomorrow by checking out the resto's Facebook page here.

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