Montreal To Open First-Ever "Cereal Bar"

The craze that started in New York City is now here.
Montreal To Open First-Ever "Cereal Bar"

Yup, you heard that right Montreal is opening up it's very own cereal bar this summer! I'm sure you've all heard of NYC's original cereal bar Kith Treats that started the whole cereal bar craze, then Toronto picked up the idea with Silo13, and now Montreal is going to have one of our very own.

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What these cereal bars offer are some of the classic cereals that basically made up our childhoods. Picture rows of Cap'n'Crunch, Lucky Charms, Frosted Flakes and so much more, you add in your choice of unique milk flavours and any extra toppings you may want, and voila!

You can mix'n'match different types of cereals to make each bowl completely unique and delicious.  

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Barley is the new cereal bar in Montreal that will be opening at 2613 Notre Dame Ouest this coming August! They'll be featuring healthy cereal options such as baked granolas served as parfaits, smoothie bowls or the classic milk option. 

Of course, they'll have all of our sugary favourites there as well so you'll be able leave with the sugar rush you came for. They'll also be adding some extra special cereals that aren't available to us here in Canada, like US, Australian, and European cereals! 

Visit their Instagram for updates to come! 

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