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Montreal Is Opening An All New Filipino Restaurant On Notre-Dame Street In Griffintown


Photo cred - Dave Jones

Griffintown is getting a dose of new dishes from a severely under represented cuisine within Montreal as a new restaurant prepares to open its door, and while the borough will be home to this new resto, the rest of the city will surely flock to Gtown to try out some new cultural flavours. Prepare to try the food of the Philippines at Junior, a brand new Filipino restaurant set to open in Griffintown on October 29th.

Filipino food is a cuisine known for bold flavours and succulent meats, and Junior will surely be serving the traditional eats of the Philippines you're hard-pressed to find in Montreal. Although a full menu has yet to be released, an Instagram sneak peak of Junior's cooks at work gives hope that the food will be authentically delicious.

Outside of Côte-Des-Neiges, few to zero Filipino restaurants exist in Montreal, making Junior a god send to those who love the cuisine but live closer to the southern areas of the city. Music will also be a focus at Junior (DJ JoJo Flores is a partner, who said the sound quality will match the food quality) as is the decor, with a vibrant old-school Filipino atmosphere running throughout the establishment. Eater Montreal has a legit inside look, for those who want to get a glimpse of the resto before the official opening.

Junior, Griffintown's new Filipino restaurant will be opening on Wednesday October 29th.

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