Montreal Is Opening An All-New Gourmet Burger Restaurant

Happiness in a warm bun.
Montreal Is Opening An All-New Gourmet Burger Restaurant

Alright, truth time: There is absolutely nothing on earth like a delicious hamburger. Although regular hamburgers are awesome, I think it's quite clear that gourmet hamburgers - burgers with a little extra oomph - are pretty much the best things on earth, end of story.

And now, Montreal will soon have another awesome spot to enjoy these amazing morsels of pure deliciousness. According to RestoMontreal, a brand new gourmet hamburger spot is set to open very soon in Montreal.

155 Fahrenheit (42, Rue McGill) is a brand new restaurant set to open up shortly in Old Montreal. According to its Facebook page, the spot will focus on comfort food - and further according to its RestoMontreal profile, 155 Fahrenheit will specialize in hamburgers that are made up of a yummy combination of filet mignon, prime rib, and other choice cuts of meat.

Although there is no concrete opening date as of yet, 155 Fahrenheit promises to be a special treat for hamburger lovers - and food lovers in general. If this sounds like it might be your new fave spot, don't forget to check out their Facebook page for updates.

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