Montreal Is Opening An All-New Korean BBQ Restaurant

The perfect meal.
Montreal Is Opening An All-New Korean BBQ Restaurant

Alright, seriously, how awesome is Korean barbecue? Not only do you get an unlimited amount of delicious food, but you get to grill most of it yourself, right there on your table. It's super fun for sure, and a really interesting twist on the traditional buffet -  plus, it makes for a really unique outing. So, winning on all levels, amiright?

Do you know what else is pretty much a huge win? When a great restaurant branches and introduces a sister location to the world; and when this involves Korean BBQ, then everyone's in for a good time, friends.

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Mon Ami Korean BBQ (6521 Avenue Somerled) is a brand new Montreal Korean BBQ spot, having set up shop last month. Do you recognize the name? You should: Mon Ami Korean BBQ is the sister restaurant to Mon Ami, a Korean NDG eatery serving up some of the city's most legit fried chicken.

The menu at Mon Ami Korean BBQ features all your standard Korean barbecue fare - such as chicken, shrimp, and pork - as well as salmon sashimi and, among other things, their famous fried chicken. If this sounds like your next fave, then don't forget to check out their Facebook page for more information.

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