Montreal Is Opening An All New Vegan Restaurant On Atwater Tomorrow

Copper Branch is moving into Alexis Nihon.
Montreal Is Opening An All New Vegan Restaurant On Atwater Tomorrow

Photo cred - Copper Branch

"Fast food" doesn't need to mean eats that are grease-filled, packed with fat, or made without any love. Foods made quickly can be good for you, while also tasting good. That's what Copper Branch, an all new 100% vegan fast food resto, wants to show all of Montreal, and they'll start to tomorrow when they officially open inside Alexis Nihon mall on Atwater street.

You may recognize the Copper Branch name, as there is already a "branch" (get it?) on Bishop street that opened in September. The Bishop street location is a 100% vegan superstore, though the Alexis Nihon location will be  more fast-food-focused, offering all mall goers the chance to eat healthy (but still delicious) foods.

Described as a "100% Plant-Based, Gluten-Free Quick-Serve restaurant," Copper Branch Alexis Nihon will be a welcome addition to the mall's current selection of eating options, which, like most shopping complexes, doesn't have many nutritious options. Copper Branch's menu will include both savoury and sweet options making eating vegan easy at any time of day.

Fingers crossed the Alexis Nihon locaiton will also serve Copper Branch's vegan poutine, though that's almost definitely going to happen. Dishes we know will be available are the Copper Burger, Chocolate Zucchini Brownie, and Mediterranio Power Bowl, all pictured below.

Copper Branch Alexis Nihon will be opening tomorrow/Thursday, December 4th. Feast your eyes and get excited via the pics below, and be sure to head to the Copper Branch website and Facebook page for more details. See inside the space and a sample of the menu below.

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