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Montreal Is Opening An All-New Venezuelan "Cheese Bread" Cafe On Saint-Laurent Street

Teque Teque brings fun flavours to the city.

Photo cred - Teque Teque Boulangerie Café

Ah, tequeños, perhaps the greatest way to ingest fried bread and cheese without having to go to a fast food dive. Next to nothing beats a solid stick of the Venezuelan cheese-bread snack, and soon Montreal will have more tequeños to enjoy with the opening of Teque Teque Boulangerie Café on St. Laurent.

Located on the southern end of Little Italy (map), Teque Teque will be a cafe that celebrated the tequeño. Not set to open until the first week of December, we spoke to the operators of the new tequeño-tastic to get some more info so you're all prep'd to indulge in some carby-cheesy goodness when Teque Teque officially opens.

Much more of a cafe than a full-on restaurant, Teque Teque will offer patrons free wi-fi and a cellphone charging station, which sounds pretty perfect for any students in the area looking for a new study spot. Coffee will also be one of the main offerins on the beverage menu (along with smoothies and juices) so you can fuel your readings with caffeine, and tequeños, of course.

Teque Teque's food menu will be kept pretty simple as of right now, with the classic spear of deep fried bread stuffed with queso blanco (white cheese) that is traditional tequeño obviously at the forefront. Other tequeño-offerings will include chocolate and sausage stuffed, along with other pastries stuffed with chicken, beef, and dulce de leche. A few desserts, one being tres leches cake, will also be found on the sweet side of the menu.

Get your Venezuelan fried bread and cheese sticks/tequeños at Teque Teque Boulangerie Café on 6583 St. Laurent starting this December. Head over to the cafe's Facebook page for more info and any updates.

Kudos to Eater Montreal for letting us know about the impending opening.

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