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Montreal Is Opening Its First-Ever "Poke" Restaurant

Just like sashimi, only better.
Montreal Is Opening Its First-Ever "Poke" Restaurant

At this stage in the game, friends, you all know how much I love anything raw (tartare? Sashimi? Yes please). What you might not know, though, is how much I'm absolutely obsessed with poke.

What's poke, I hear you ask? Pretty much, it's like tartare - except better. The ingredients might change a little bit depending on who makes it, but basically, it's a dish consisting of raw fish on a bed of rice. You can add soy sauce, sesame seeds, seaweed, mango, avocado, or whatever your heart desires in there, too. Trust me on this one, guys: This dish is seriously delicious, especially if you're a huge fan of raw food.

If you don't know what poke is, though, don't feel too bad. This dish has been notoriously difficult to get in Montreal, with almost no places serving up this Hawaiian delight - until now, that is.

?TUNA POKE TOAST , let us know ....white or grey plate ? @venicemtl #venicemtl #toast #glutenfree #glutenfree #healthy #healthyfood #raw #mtl #mtlblog #mtlblogger

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Venice is a new "healthy food" restaurant opening up shortly in Montreal. According to their Instagram, the menu at this Old Montreal restaurant will feature something called "tuna poke toast" - which is basically poke, with their own personalized spin.

The restaurant was set to open on Tuesday, March 8, 2016 - but according to Venice's Facebook, their opening date has been delayed. So if you're super down to finally try poke in Montreal, don't forget to check out Venice's Facebook page for more information.

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