Montreal Is Opening Up First-Ever Program For Creative Entrepreneurs

Turn your dreams into a career.

It's no secret - trying to find a career for yourself as a young creative nowadays is not easy. Even worse, the plethora of job postings out there promising you "valuable workplace synergy" are all in exchange for years of experience that you don't have...yet.

The good news is, Dawson College and iC MTL have teamed up to bring Montrealers an entrepreneurship program the likes of which Montreal has never seen. The Venture Creation in the Creative and Cultural Industries program is specifically tailored to talented creative types, anything from architects, to designers, to musicians, to chefs; which means that this fall, your program will actually help you make a career out of your talent.

Now this isn't your average "start your own business" program. It's designed for people who already know how to create a product or have a service to offer, but might lack the direction and resources to market it. You'll have access to essential resources over and above the instructional program, including mentors, business coaches, and even your own work space.

Based on the best practices in supporting entrepreneurs, the aim really is to nurture and fast-track the success of your idea. Along with working with various advisers and  professionals, you get hands-on experience and the tools you need to learn how to fly on your own.

Of course, it also helps that there are regular networking events and Startup Weekends, perfect for rubbing elbows with potential business partners, but at the end of the 8-month period starting in October, you walk away with a full Attestation of Collegial Studies. This program even lets you qualify for loans and bursaries like any other degree!

It's perfectly normal to want more than a 9-to-5 job, so if you have the dream, the drive, and the dedication it takes, this is the perfect way to get a jump start on what you're looking for.

To know more about the program and the people you'll be working with, Dawson College and iC MTL will be offering an information session on August 25 in room 4C.1 at 6:30pm.

Check out iC MTL for all the details and make sure to register before the September 5 deadline!