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Montreal Is Painting Entire Downtown Street GOLD

'I love goooooooold!'
Montreal Is Painting Entire Downtown Street GOLD

Every year, Montreal's Museum of Fine Arts chooses a new project to decorate l'Avenue du Musée, transforming it into a colourful pedestrian walkway. This summer will be no different, with the winning installation being a work by artist Jean Verville, titled Dance Floor.

Made up of 500 golden "footsteps", the entire street will be covered in a beautiful mosaic to create what looks like a giant interactive outdoor dance floor.

Here's a more detailed view of what the street will look like:

via @passionmontreal

via @passionmontreal

In the past, the street has been adorned with many different styles, but nothing quite so ... luxurious.

The golden streetopens May 26 and will feature 22 different works of art along the way.

Photo cred - General Shrooms

What do you think of this project? 

Does it make us look classy or is it just plain tacky?

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