Montreal Is Releasing Its "Dangerous Dog" Registry After At Least 40 Animals Were Reported To Authorities

There's a special hotline you can call to report an at-risk dog.
Montreal Is Releasing Its "Dangerous Dog" Registry After At Least 40 Animals Were Reported To Authorities

This summer has been pretty heavy with dog attacks across the city. In extreme cases, the animals became so aggressive that police had no choice but to shoot and kill them on scene.

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Because of all the dangerous dogs in Montreal's media lately, many are extra concerned and even afraid of the dogs in their neighbourhoods, hoping they don't cross paths with the next "at-risk" canine. 

Since August 23 Montrealers have been given the opportunity to call a special hotline dedicated to recieving reports of "potentially dangerous" dogs in the city.

If the claim checks out, the dog in question will be required to undergo an evaluation to determine how dangerous they really are.

If the bad behaviour has the potential to be fixed, then the owner will just have to abide by certain custody conditions.

If the dog does end up being a threat to the public and uncontrollably dangerous, they will be euthanized immediately.

Ever since the new hotline was created, over 40 dogs have been reported to the city. Of the 40 complaints made, four dogs were considered dangerous enough to legally require a muzzle or short leash when outside. 

Two dogs in the last week were euthanized for causing the death of another animal. In both cases the dogs were evaluated and ultimately seen as too dangerous to be released. 

Now that the city is starting to get the situation under control, they are preparing to release a "dangerous dog" registry that will compile all of the reports that have occured in recent years.

Already, 49 at-risk dogs have been added to the registry.

Once a dog is added to the list their owner is required to place a sign outside of their house to warn the public of their threatening animal. 

Currently there are prevention officers in Montreal working around the clock, as well as patrol officers that frequent popular parks and dog-heavy areas.

Only time will tell if the new tactics will actually prevent future dog attacks, one thing for sure is that people are not wasting any time reporting the suspect dogs in the city.


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