Montreal Is Throwing A "Star Wars Launch Party" Today In St. Henri

The Force will be strong in the city on Wednesday.
Montreal Is Throwing A "Star Wars Launch Party" Today In St. Henri

December 18th, 2015, otherwise known as the magical day in which Star Wars: The Force Awakens releases in theaters, truly can't come quick enough. Unfortunately, we have nearly a year of waiting before the film drops, but Star Wars fans will get a taste of new content tomorrow at Montreal's Star Wars #1 Launch Party.

The "launch party" will be day-long celebration for the release of the first issue of Marvel's new comic, simply titled Star Wars, which is the first Star Wars comic to be released in nearly 20 years, hosted by the St. Henri comic book shop Crossover Comics.

Fans are invited to come into the comic shop throughout the day and pick up the new Star Wars comic book, with plenty of swag included. Three types of promo-pins will be given out, along with special lithographs, and postcards. Of course, Star Wars will be screened in the store all day, because if they didn't, it would be blasphemy.

Marvel's new Star Wars comic book is set in the period between the first/fourth film (Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope) and The Empire Strikes back, with the all of your favourite characters from the original trilogy back in their former glory on the printed page. Advanced reviews have already praised the new comic, and old and new fans of the Star Wars franchise are sure to enjoy.

Learn more about the Star Wars #1 Launch Party by heading to Crossover Comics Facebook page here.

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