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Montreal Is Transforming Saint Denis Street Into A Giant Snow Slide

And it's open all night long.
Montreal Is Transforming Saint Denis Street Into A Giant Snow Slide

Anything is possible on Nuit Blanche, at least that's what it seems. Bars will be open 'til 6am, the metro will be running all night, spas will be running well into the early morn, and now you can add one more so-amazing-it-seems-too-great-too-be-true feature of Nuit Blanche to the list:

Saint Denis street is being made into an urban ski slope where you'll be able to zoom down on a 3-ski (aka a GT Snow Racer) right in the heart of the city. And all for free.

Appropriately dubbed "Crayski," this high-octane Nuit Blanche event will see Saint Denis street between Sherbrooke and Ontario transformed into a downhill ski slope, with a big ol' jump included so you can show off with some tricks.

Anyone who has a 3ski/GT Racer can bring their own to the event, but if you don't own one, no stress, as Crayski will be renting out equipment to whoever needs it.

Of course, not everyone will be into the whole "tearing down a hill head-first at incredibly high speeds" thing, which is an entirely justified stance. Crayski will have live DJs and an epic after party, though, thus warranting a visit no matter if you're a thrill-seeker or not.

Personally, I'll just be there to watch people do tricks, chill at the after party, then head to one of the bars that will be open past 3am on Saint Denis street. It's a good plan, so feel free to do the same, I won't call you out for copying.

Crayski at Nuit Blanche is going down on February 27th from 7pm to 3am. For more info, head to the official Facebook event page here.

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