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Montreal Is Transforming The City's Streets Into Pedestrian-Only Zones This Summer

Magical as winter may be, nothing compares to a Montreal summer. Not only is the city alive with energy and events, there's the simple benefit of being able to walk, everywhere.

Given that Montreal is kind of a small-ish city, walking is actually a fairly viable mode of transportation. Take a solid half hour stroll through Montreal and you can cover a fair bit of distance.

Being a pedestrian is made even more enjoyable by the no-car streets that pop up in the summer. The Village is probably the best example, as the stretch of Sainte Catherine becomes a 100% pedestrian-only zone, allowing all Montrealers to bask in the sunlight and leisurely meander about.

And come summer 2016, there will be even more Montreal streets that will allow you to saunter about in the sun without worrying about any incoming cars.

As part of the Programme d’implantation de rues piétonnes et partagées, an ongoing initiative organized by the City of Montreal, five streets will become pedestrianized in various boroughs this summer.

The purpose of the project is to create more social spaces within Montreal while also increasing engagement between citizens and businesses along the newly pedestrian-only streets.

Hopefully the initiative pays off, but not that it matters to us walkers, because we're all just happy to hear about more streets doing away with those clunky hunks of metal called cars.

So you're ready with your walking shoes come summer 2016 (no official start dates have yet to be listed, btw) here are the five streets that will become pedestrianized:

Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges and rue du Frère-André

  • At the intersection of chemin Queen-Mary and du chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges, designed to be an entryway into Saint Joseph's Oratory

Rue Louis Veuillot, Lacordaire, and Monsabré

  • Between Boileau and Pierre-De Coubertin streets

Rue de Dijon

  • Between Avenue P M Favier and avenue Valade

Place Shamrock

  • Between Avenue Casgrain and Saint Laurent. Will serve as a meeting space and a link between Jean-Talon Market and Saint Laurent Boulevard.

Rue de Biencourt and Boulevard Monk

  • At the intersection of Mont and Biencourt, right by Théâtre Paradoxe.

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