Montreal's McCord Musuem Is Hosting A "Retro Gaming Festival"

Game on in the musuem.
Montreal's McCord Musuem Is Hosting A "Retro Gaming Festival"

Lets be honest here people, as amazingly powerful as modern video game consoles like the Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U are (okay, maybe not that last one), they have never been able to recapture the magic that was found in the games of yore.

Maybe it's just the nostalgia talking, but the games and consoles now deemed "retro" were able to capture our minds and hearts without realistic graphics or gritty storylines. We were just hooked on gameplay, which is what video games should really be about anyway.

But the golden age of gaming is not lost to you, and I don't mean installing emulators on your computer. Joining forces with Montréal joue, the McCord Musuem is bringing back all of the classic video games you loved to play back in the day into the present, and it's going to be great.

From Wednesday to Saturday, the McCord Musuem is installing a playable exhibit devoted to retro gaming, with consoles like Atari, NES, and the Commodore 64 set out for your enjoyment.

Other combo Montréal joue and McCord Musuem events will also be held throughout the week, though the retro gaming installations is definitely the one to check out, with the other events geared towards younger kids.

Beginning this Wednesday, March 5th (6pm to 9pm weekday schedule) to Saturday, March 5th (11am to 4pm), you can find out more about the McCord Musuem's retro gaming installation at the official event listing here.

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