Montreal Just Broke A 101 Year Old Snowfall Record

Go home weather, you're drunk.
Montreal Just Broke A 101 Year Old Snowfall Record

It can feel easy to brush off a 15cm snowfall in Montreal, considering the amount of snow we see all winter long. But, as we previously mentioned, March is often Montreal's craziest month when it comes to snowstorms, and it turns out we've just broken a snowfall record.

And not just any snowfall record... a record that has been in place since 1918!

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TL;DR After receiving 15cm of snow yesterday, Montreal broke a 101-year-old snowfall record for March 10th. Not since 1918 has the city seen this much snow on March 10th, just going to snow, I mean show, that Montreal is not free from winter yet.

With a 2pm snow total of 15cm, today is #Montréal's snowiest Mar 10th in 101 years, since Mar 10th, 1918.

March 10, 2019

Yesterday, Montreal saw about 15cm of snow hit the ground between 9 AM and 3 PM. 

Like I said above, 15cms isn't necessarily a record-breaking number... but yesterday we still managed to break a 101 year-long snowfall record.

Yep, it turns out yesterday was the snowiest March 10th since 1918 making it the snowiest March 10th in 101 years.

lots of snow ⛄️ today in Montreal

March 10, 2019

Like I said above,we did warn you March was a doozy in Montreal!

Statistically, the worst snowstorms and blizzards have hit Montreal in March... it's like the weather knows we're all looking forward to those spring days.

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March 10, 2019

And there won't be much respite throughout the rest of the day. The Weather Network is forecasting a rain and snow mix throughout the day.

This evening will likely see scattered flurries, too. At least we can be grateful that it's not really that cold... but stay bundled and drive safe out there, Montreal!

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