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Montreal Just Created A 3D Intersection To Get Drivers To Stop Running People Over

Feast your eyes!
Montreal Just Created A 3D Intersection To Get Drivers To Stop Running People Over

It's not a secret that Montreal (and specifically, it's drivers) has had quite a bit of on-road troubles as of late. In the last few days alone five Montrealers have been killed due to vehicle accidents, and just last week Montreal roads were so backed up due to the holiday weekend that accidents were essentially a given. 

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In 2017, 359 people died in Quebec due to deadly car crashes, which is a massive increase from the year before. Luckily, Montreal has been doing it's best to take action on this growing issue and the city has finally come up with something that they think will work.

Following the lead of European countries such as Germany, Iceland and France, the borough of Outremont has introduced a new concept to the city's roads: a three-dimensional intersection. 

Via @Golem_13

City workers completed the crosswalk yesterday, the goal in mind being that before a driver has the chance to run over a pedestrian they'll notice the optical illusion and yield before a collision occurs. 

Hopefully this is the solution to all of our troubles, as this project has costed quite the pretty penny. At approximately $3k, the 3rd dimension intersection is ridiculously more expensive than the regular crosswalks around the city, which on average cost $200 to paint onto the roads.

Being the first 3D crosswalk in Canada, this is a totally experimental project that could be introduced to rest of the country pretty soon if it's a success. So let's cross our fingers that this actually works at making Montreal roads safer.


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