It's official: the ramen craze has hit Montreal, and it's been stung hard. It's not hard to find a good bowl of ramen in this city.  But a GREAT bowl, well - that's a little more difficult. But we've found a spot that stands out from all the others.

Located a little bit south of Saint-Viateur in the heart of the Mile-End lies a very special Japanese restaurant. Specializing in modern Japanese dishes and ramen. And this spot is a must-visit for anyone noodle fans.

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With a minimal yet tasteful menu to choose from, you can tell that Cocoro only intends to deliver the finest ramen and unique dishes. 

Although, their appetizers do seem almost as exciting as their main dishes. As a start to your meal,  you can sample some original Japanese appetizers such as Japanese-style fried chicken, "one-bite" sushi, and salmon sashimi.

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Next up, the main attraction - a steamy bowl of perfectly flavored yet delicate ramen. You can choose from three different kinds of ramen, or other original main dishes like Kaisen Don, a Japanese sushi-style rice bowl.

The perfect accompaniment to ramen is the right Sake, of course. Choose from their select menu of Sake and Japanese beer.

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And to top it off the whole experience, indulge in a slice of matcha tiramisu or Japanese cheesecake, or one of their fresh and daily dessert specials. Yum. 

If this made you drool a little, check out Cuisine Japonaise Cocoro's Facebook page HERE.