Montreal's First-Ever 'Mochi' Japanese Ice Cream Shops

The cutest dessert you'll ever eat!
Montreal's First-Ever 'Mochi' Japanese Ice Cream Shops

With Summer in full swing most of us are using refreshing beverages and food to keep us cool while tropical weather takes over the city. From iced coffee, to alcohol, to ice cream and other cold desserts, all are some staples that everyone knows and loves during the hotter months. It's about time a new refresher took storm and gave us something to go crazy about this Summer.

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Well, thankfully a brand new mochi bar has just opened it's doors to the public! The spot just opened on June 28, just in time for the long weekend. What's a better way to spend Canada Day weekend than to go grab some mochi with friends and family? 

For anyone who isn't familiar with what mochi actually is, it's a Japanese rice cake made of rice and ice cream. They come in many different flavours with a ton of toppings to choose from and are a cute little treat help you stay hydrated and refreshed. Most importantly it is super tasty and something you need to try ASAP!

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There are currently two locations in the city, one at the Atwater market and another on the Plateau. Both locations offer six different flavours for you to try so everyone can find something they like. 

  • For the Atwater location, click HERE.
  • For the Plateau location, click HERE.

Enjoy this cute little snack this weekend and stay hydrated!