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Montreal Just Spent $500,000 On A Gazebo For Mordecai Richler

Even his widow says it's too expensive.
Montreal Just Spent $500,000 On A Gazebo For Mordecai Richler

Half a million dollars. Half a fuckin' million dollars, for a roof with legs.

As you may know the city of Montreal tried for along time to find a way to honor the memory of Mordecai Richler. They debated whether they should name a street after him or maybe a park, but in the end they settle on a memorial gazebo on Mount-Royal.

This isn't a special gazebo either. It has no electricity, or wi-fi or plumbing or ... walls. It's a roof with legs on it and a floor.

And if you're thinking the money is worth it to honor a great Montrealer, consider this: His widow even believes this is a ridiculous amount to spend on a gazebo. She claims she knows a carpenter that would have done the same job for $1,500.

So is Montreal just addicted to wasting money? We think so. Why else would they have so many stupid and expensive projects in the works?

There's the three $30,000 benches on Sainte-Catherine.

The $40,000,000 bridge lights.

And of course let's not forget about the $1,000,000 Ferris wheel that doesn’t actually work.

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