What Montreal Will Look Like When Justin Trudeau Legalizes Marijuana

There will be more change than just a cloud of smoke over the city.
What Montreal Will Look Like When Justin Trudeau Legalizes Marijuana

Let's be real here people, one of the most appealing aspects of Justin Trudeau/the Liberal Party's platform for a lot of us youths (at least the stoner ones) was the promise to legalize marijuana. During Harper's reign, the idea of legal marijuana in Canada was but a fantasy, but now that Trudeau is in the house (of Commons) we may actually see a nation where marijuana use is no longer against the law.

Scratch that, we better get an entire nation where marijuana is legal, as Justin promised he would get on the task "right away," though no specified timeline was given. Still, we have a pretty good idea of what Montreal and other Canadian cities could like look when the Liberals get to the legalization of marijuana.

First, to all the haters: there's next to no chance marijuana is just going to be sold in dépanneurs and corrupt the youth. Speaking the truth like a boss, Adam Greenblatt, co-founder of Quebec's first medical marijuana clinic Santé Cannabis, told CBC that selling marijuana in deps would "cheapen what cannabis is."

Greenblatt delved further into the possible setup for legalized weed in Canada, commenting how he would like to see a Montreal where "regulated outlets" are in place, allowing anyone of age with a proper ID to go in and buy a cannabis product of their choosing, from edibles to particular strains.

Provinces will also need to determine whether or not there will be Crown corporation that will regulate the sales of marijuana, like the SAQ does for liquor in Quebec. But no matter what, you can rest assured that there will be sales tax on cannabis, as Greenblatt notes, which is the real driving force for the government's desire to legalize marijuana.

The Liberal Party has made a point to say in the past that Canada could follow the "Colorado model" when it comes to marijuana legalization. We're really hoping so, because the American state has a really solid system when it comes to cannabis.

In Colorado, anyone over the age of 21 is legally allowed to have 28g (or one ounce) of marijuana on their person at any time, no matter if they're a Colorado-resident or not. You don't even need a special ID or card. Actually, the law states you can have 28g's of "THC," making edibles and oils permissible under the law, too.

Growing marijuana is even a-okay under the Colorado model, just so long as you're growing in an enclosed space. Any adult can grow up to 6 plants, though you can't have more than three flowering at the same time. There's also a limit to the number of total plants per house, which is set at 12, no matter how many people live there.

Being able to freely hold an ounce of marijuana and grow your own plants is a pretty great setup, one we hope the Liberals bring on over to Canada. Not everything is sunshine in the Colorado model, though, as you still can't smoke cannabis in public areas like a cigarette, nor drive with even a minute amount of THC in your system or with an open cannabis container.

We're still willing to take the good with the bad, as long as the Liberals stay good on their promise. Your move Justin, your move.