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Montreal Lays Out New Rules For Vapes & E-Cigarettes

Good or bad, that is the question.
Montreal Lays Out New Rules For Vapes & E-Cigarettes

You can't deny Montreal is in an e-cigarette/vape craze right now (for real, new vape shops are popping up everywhere) and Montreal public health is responding in suit. No regulations are in place regarding e-cigs in Montreal right now, a worry to many as the vapes pose potential negative social/health issues.

Fearful that vapes will turn people onto real cigarettes (like a gateway smoke) the health agency would like a few rules in place to prevent that ever occurring. Here are the proposed rules, as reported by CBC Montreal:

  • E-cigs must be marketed just like any other Canadian tobacco product
  • A set standard of quality must be enforved on all e-cigarettes to ensure safety
  • E-cigs must fall under the Tobacco Act, thus putting restrictions on advertising and sponsorship
  • Vaps can only be marketed as a tool to quit smoking if under the supervision of a doctor
  • E-cigs should be only available to smokers trying to quit before they're available to everyone else in Canada

Fortunately for those who already puff on vapes, the regulations don't infringe on where you can smoke 'em, a major boon to the e-cig vs. regular cigs as vaps basically allowed everywhere. None of the proposed regulations even seem that bad, as safety regulations and a limitation on marketing seem like good ideas. Only the last one seems strange, as preventing people from being able to purchase an e-cig seems like a little much.

What do you think of these rules on e-cigs?

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