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Montreal Léché Desserts Free Donut Day

A win-win for you and the province.
Montreal Léché Desserts Free Donut Day

You really shouldn't need more of an incentive to vote, but Montreal's premiere famous donut shop and bakery Léché Desserts is giving you a sweet benefit to all voters in Montreal.

Go into Léché Desserts, with proof that you voted in today's elections, and you'll be given a free donut! Here's the original tweet as proof:

— Léché Desserts (@Lechedesserts) April 7, 2014

Léché's donuts are beyond awesome (including their seasonal sweets) so even if you're not thinking about the future of the province, do your taste buds and wallet a favour by getting a free-for-voting donut at Léché Desserts.

Will you be voting today?

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